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                                  HARDNESS FAST DOOR
                                  Hard fast door is also known as aluminum alloy fast door, referred to as hard shutter, is an anti-theft, high temperature partition of the new metal fast door, it has reliability, practicality, and easy to operate. The control system adopts absolute servo system, the core is DSP chip, and the system is set by the absolute encoder signal of the tail of the motor to set the opening height of the door..Control box: the thickened type of the BUSDE IP54 control box.

                                  Door curtain structure
                                  Control type curtain mechanism, divided into aluminum alloy curtain sheet, soft rubber strip, rubber bearing connecting chain, guide wheel and other parts:
                                  1、Aluminum alloy curtain thickness 1-200mm, after anodic oxidation and organic coloring surface treatment, the tensile strength of more than 230B/MPA with GB/T5237.1-5-2000 standard colors for BUSDE gray ,aluminum alloy white and China red two optional color.
                                  2、Through connect the aluminum alloy curtain with the soft connecting strip,the folding life of the flexible connecting part is over a million times.
                                  3、The design of angle chain bearing the joint force curtain, curtain sheet type, after a long time can also maintain the smoothness.
                                  4、When the door body is running, the guide wheel of polyurethane material is sliding in the aluminum alloy track, and there will be no friction and noise when running at the highest speed.
                                  Safety system

                                  1、infrared safety protection sensor:the door is arranged with eye shot on both sides of the frame.There are objects below the shutter door, the door keeping open.When the door body is decreased if the object below through the portal,the door will return to the original position, and when there is no obstacle, the door delay drops.
                                  2、Bottom security protection:When the door body is falling down, if the object is in infrared safety protection blind area, the door body touches the obstacles, the door will rapidly turn back to the original position, effectively protect the underlying objects or pedestrians to avoid accidents.
                                  3、Screen protection system:The configuration is the most effective safety protection from BAST industrial door , installation in the vertical direction of the grating wall, it is usually composed of 18 group head, using 485 protocol, according to the height of the door to calculate the position of curtain and effectively protect pedestrians or objects.

                                  Power requirement
                                  The infrared safety protection electric eye, there is a safety protection at the bottom, light curtain protection system, making safety performance to maintain a high level.
                                  Wind resistance
                                  30m/s(level 11)
                                  K-VALUE 0.4W/M2K
                                  Guide track seal, curtain connection sealing
                                  Manual function
                                  Manual emergency device
                                  According to the site civil structure can be divided into: suction turbine, elliptical suction type, vertical lifting type, 90 degree standard turning lifting type or more track, standard for turbine inhalation and elliptical suction type.

                                  It is widely used in the underground garage, car manufacturing factory, food, chemical, textile, electronics, supermarkets, frozen, logistics, warehousing and other kinds of places that can be extremely high to meet the high performance of logistics and clean place.

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